Can we play?

Of course! Our demo team will be waiting for you to make you play our brand new games!

With them, it is the best way to learn how to play a new game.

  • On Matagot booth #3E102, come discover:
    • Paris: New Eden: Discover Paris from another point of view, the original mechanics of this new dice game are sure to be a crowd-pleaser! In post-apocalyptic Paris, you seek to build a refuge while recruiting survivors. With an immersive gameplay fully attuned to the game’s survival theme, Paris: New Eden allows players to build one or several strategies to develop their refuge, grow their community and fulfill their secret missions.
    • Cairn: Come participate in the great ritual of spring! Two villages confront each other by sending their shamans to build megaliths, these great stone constructions erected in favor of gods. On the board, it is an intense duel of reflection, with apparently simple mechanics, where each movement can bring you closer to victory, but also make your opponent win!
    • Dungeon Academy: this troll-and-write make you crawl a dungeon and defeat monsters to get you diploma!
    • Meeple Circus: the giant version

  • Our friends booth #5G124, where you will discover from Kolossal Games:
    • Terrors of London, the Victorian horror 2 player game from Kolossal;
    • Papillon, and its 3D flowers.