Is everything on the website?

No! We have a lot of "real life" exclusivities for you to discover on our booths. BoothS? Yes, because we have doubled our space to welcome you and present you all our new releases.

Let's meet on our two booths:

  • Matagot booth #3E102, where you can find all the Matagot games and our main shop, including our partners games. 
On the Matagot booth, you will find all of our famous games and sagas: the expert line with Captain SONAR, Cyclades, Inis, Kemet, but also our "for everyone" games such as River Dragons, Takenoko, and fun games, with Bahamas, Dungeon Academy and so many more... Drop by our lounge area, get a game from our shelves, and start to play!
  • Our friends booth #5G124, where you will discover:
    • From Kolossal Games:
      • Terrors of London, the Victorian horror 2 player game from Kolossal;
      • Papillon, and its 3D flowers
      • Mezo, the expert mayan-inspired game, with huuuuge minis;
      • Western Legends, and its brand new expansion Ante up!
    • From Grail Games:
      • The new classic Yellow & Yangtze.
    • From Floodgate:
      • The Sagrada saga and its brand new expansion and new dice coming in Passion;
      • Bosk: leaves and hiking are waiting for you.
    • From Keymaster:
    • Discover the American Parks with a top notch game!
    • Keymaster, and its already famous Parks.